Hari Prabhu Sanstha

Nagrota Gujroo, Tehsil Billawar, District Kathua

Hari Prabhu Sanstha, Nagrota Gujroo, Tehsil Billawar, District Kathua is extremely shocked and flabbergasted to learn about the sudden and unexpected sad demise of its PATRON Dr Satya Pal Shrivatsa - a great literary figure, a noble-soul, an eminent scholar, an open-handed philanthropist, and very popular and honoured celebrity whose presence among us illumined the path for countless souls. He lived, he served, he awakened, he inspired and he taught the highest truths for which the Sanstha stands for.

To condole the mournful demise of Dr Satya Pal Shrivatsa, an emergent condolence meeting of the members and office bearers of Hari Prabhu Sanstha was held on 17-12-2016 amid gloom, disconsolation and grief.

Everyone who spoke on this occasion, highlighted the personality, characteristics, traits, qualities, achievements, practical wisdom and good of Shrivatsa ji and the same are elucidated below:

“Most venerable Dr Satya Pal Shrivatsa was a great pillar of support and strength to the Hari Prabhu Sanstha, Nagrota Gujroo, Tehsil Billawar, District Kathua, since his joining the noble organisation. His contributions, in making this sublime and dignified organisation popular, self-sufficient, human service oriented and bringing in it truth, purity and unselfishness in establishing it in the backward area of Tehsil - Billawar shall be remembered with a pride and honour.”

“He was an ideal human being, an ideal scholar of Sanskrit and Hindi, an ideal guide, an ideal social worker, and ideal evangelist. His rueful demise is a great loss to the family, greater loss to the society, and the greatest loss to the Sanstha. He used to make proper application of his knowledge, potentials, abilities, education, experiences, thoughts, dreams, influences and energy which had come to him as a gift from Almighty. His life was a saga of profound-wisdom, spiritual-illumination, positive-thinking, sympathetic-attitude, broad-vision, inborn-decency, courteous-approach, unassuming-service, down-to-earth nature and a source of inspiration for us all.”

It was resolved in the meeting that the proceedings of condolence Meeting be conveyed to the bereaved family and also published in coming issue of the News Reporter of Sanstha so that the feeling of every one, “present in the meeting” are properly made known to the society.

“On behalf of all the members and office bearers of Hari Prabhu Sanstha, we convey our heartfelt condolences to the members of the bereaved family. We also share grief, sorrow, woe and this irreparable loss with the members of the family. It is true that his mortal frame is consigned to fire, but his pious life and good deeds will remain attached to his name for all times to come. He was a giver of love, goodwill, mutual respect, compassion, sympathy, pity, fellow feeling, warmth and commiseration.”

“We also further pray to God Almighty to bless the departed soul with the eternal peace as he was already blessed being pure in thoughts, deeds and action and his ideals of love for God and service to humanity were found with full expression in his life and in this way he had carved out a place in heaven. He was ‘Dharmik' in the real sense and had already earned for him ‘Moksha' being ‘Dharmishta'. Many of the noble concepts and ways, he guided to be introduced to enrich the Sanstha are finding impressions in a most transparent manner. He was truly a living legend of his life. May God grant courage and strength to the bereaved family to bear this insufferable loss as he was a humane with rare and unique qualities.”

Jagmohan Gupta

S C Gupta
General Secretary

Dated: 17/12/2016

भारतीय इतिहास संकलन योजना समिति (पं.)

वीर भवन, रघुनाथ पुरा, जम्मू-180001.

A condolence meeting of ‘Bhartiya Itihas Sanklan Samiti’ was held under the chairmanship of Dr Anita Baloria to condole the sad demise of veteran literary figure of Jammu Prof(Dr.)Satya Pal Shrivatsa. His contribution towards the literature, particularly,
Sanskrit, Dogri and Hindi were placed on record.

Two minutes silence was also observed in the memory of the departed soul and prayers were also offered for peace to the departed soul and courage to the bereaved family.

Anita Baloria
Bharatiya Itihas Sanklan Samiti, Jammu.

Dated: 16/12/2016


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